AMAZONE – Narrow Laminate Flooring for a Graceful Look

Demonstrate style. Be refined – starting with your choice of flooring. After all, it’s the foundation for creating a harmonious decorating style. AMAZONE is the ideal laminate floor for everyone who hews to the exclusive and extraordinary. These natural-looking wood styles combine classical beauty with flexibility for letting you give your imagination free rein, while adding the secret ingredient that really brings an ambience to life. Most of them are exquisite oak versions in various grey and brown hues, predominantly “embossed in register” to ensure an authentic real-wood look & feel. AMAZONE planks are long and narrow for a particularly graceful appearance. You can also use them to create fascinating patterns. What’s more, the narrow format lends itself for making rooms seem longer. Practical, versatile and undeniably elegant, these floors and their lovely decors respond sensitively to your every wish.